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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Video Sign Bill on THIRD Reading Tonight (7/18/06)

ORDINANCE NO. BL2006-974 (DOZIER & WALLACE) - This zoning text change would allow signs with graphics or electronic displays to be located on property within the urban services district (USD) that is oriented to a four-lane or controlled access state highway with a speed limit of forty miles per hour or less. The Zoning Code currently requires that signs with changeable text and graphics remain static for at least two seconds. In 2004, the Council created an exception to this provision to allow graphic and video display signs within the commercial attraction (CA) zoning district, which essentially is limited to the Opryland/Music Valley Drive area.

This ordinance would expand the exception, currently limited to commercial attraction areas, to include all state maintained four-lane roads and controlled access highways located within the USD with a speed limit of forty miles per hour or less. According to the planning staff analysis, this would allow video signs on approximately 69 miles of state highways in Davidson County. This includes a 4.7 mile section of West End Avenue, a 4.7 mile section of Dickerson Pike, a 7.1 mile section of Nolensville Road, a 4 mile section of Charlotte Pike, and a 2.6 mile section of Franklin Road.

The Council Office would point out that the prohibition on video signs was included in the Code for public safety reasons to limit driver distractions.

The Council Office has been requested to prepare several amendments for this ordinance. Two proposed amendments would make the provisions of the ordinance inapplicable to property along Dickerson Pike, Highway 100, Harding Place, and Hillsboro Road. Two other proposed amendments would only permit these video signs as part of a planned unit development (PUD) or a specific plan (SP) district.

This ordinance has been disapproved by the planning commission.

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