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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Recreation Center Update

Jason Holleman passed along the following information about preliminary plans for a new recreation/community center in the neighborhood:

If built, the new recreation center is expected to have an indoor pool. The current outdoor pool in Richland Park was built many years ago. Metro Parks finds it difficult to operate (i.e. limited season, hiring/managing lifeguards at a location that isn't connected to other Parks' facilities with full-time employees). Therefore, regardless of where the new recreation center is built, it seems likely that the outdoor pool would close in conjunction with the opening of a facility with an indoor pool in the neighborhood. The leading location for the center may be just up the hill from the current McCabe Community Center, but nothing has been decided.

Public meetings are expected to be held before major decisions are made to gain public input on everything from architecture of the building to the services offered at the facility.

Jason mentioned that he learned this information from Curt Garrigan at Metro Parks. If you're interested in learning more about the center, call Metro Parks at (615) 862-8400.

(Note: The above photo has nothing to do with any plans for a neighborhood recreation center. I just thought it looked cool.)


  1. bradley williams9:14 AM

    Has the area at 51st and Wyoming that houses a few metro social services offices been considered as a site for the rec center? I'd like to see the new rec center up there. Beautiful sunsets up there. Won't there be greenway access right there as well?

    I will be disappointed if the new rec center doesn't have a nice out door pool. Centennial Sportsplex has a huge indoor pool less than 2 miles away that is open to the public. Do we need another pricey indoor pool so close to Centennial's? Is Centennial's pool too crowded? Do residents of Sylvan Park want an indoor or an outdoor pool?

  2. I'm not sure about the location question. I have heard that the locations that have been mentioned were candidates because they are higher traffic areas, so that might cause a problem with 51st and Wyoming.

    Good point about Centennial. I'll be curious to hear more about that as discussion about the center continues.