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Monday, September 04, 2006


There have been a few reports of skunks in the neighborhood, especially along Nevada and Elkins Avenues west of 46th Avenue. This recent report arrived tonight in the SPNA email inbox. Does anyone have an answer?

"I have seen skunks several times in the last 2 weeks within Nevada & Elkins and 48th & 50th Ave. Last night, about 8:30pm (after dark) I was coming into my driveway in the 4800 block of
Nevada and almost hit one, scurrying from the driveway into my neighbor's yard. Then I saw my neighbor's black cat run in front of my car towards her back yard. I went into the house and stayed inside. Does anyone have a clue as to how to get rid of them? How does one capture a skunk? We have lived here 22 years and I have never seen skunks."

I know there have been some reports of rabid skunks in Davidson County, particularly in Green Hills, this summer. I'm not exactly sure what to do if you discover skunks near your home, but I sure wouldn't get anywhere near them or try to catch them.


  1. Dawn Houston10:50 PM

    Unfortunately, my poor cat was victim to a skunk spraying in our back yard on 37th earlier this summer. A week after that, to my great surprise I saw a raccoon in my neighbor's back yard and have reason to believe that he's been frolicking in my shed. One suggestion that I have found was spraying the perimeter of your yard with fox urine (yes, fox urine available at http://www.critter-repellent.com) Have not tried it myself! The other suggestion was keeping your back yard well-lit since skunks do not like light. I have just been keeping my slightly still-smelly 'fraidy cat inside at night since then.

  2. Anonymous10:51 AM

    Call John with ALLPAWS @615-319-0433 for removal. I think I saw it at 48th and Dakata.

  3. Dawn, I'm sorry to hear that your cat got sprayed. Yuck. Thanks to you and to the anonymous poster for the tips about dealing with skunks, too.

  4. I live at 4901 Park Ave. About a month ago we noticed that something was digging in our flower beds in the back yard particularly in the mulch. This week I set a live trap baited with peanuts and to my suprise I caught a skunk. Skunks commonly dig for grubs and other insects we now have found out. Nashville animal control came out and got him. They do not recommend taking them to the country and releasing them because of the fear of rabies. The skunk was apparently living under our garage - I have now found an opening. He also apparently has a partner since last night we again saw more digging in the flowerbeds.

    Animal Control took him my trap and I now have to go retreive it. If you decide to use one put some identification on the trap before you catch a skunk - its hard to do afterward.

  5. We have now trapped three skunks in our back yard. The city took the first two and a friend took the third one and released it in the country. Peanuts proved to be a very good bait. I think we are now skunk free. If anyone wants to borrow our trap they are welcome.

  6. I think that we are freeing the neighborhood of skunks. We now have caught a total of 5 in our back yard. We are releasing them in the country.