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Monday, October 23, 2006

Against the chain?

Well, I'm not really, but I do prefer independent restaurants to chains. The Tennessean has posed this question on its Web site today, and I thought it made for an interesting query for Sylvan Park because of our neighborhood dining establishments (Goldie's Deli, McCabe's Pub, Cafe Nonna, Park Cafe, Sylvan Park Restaurant, Star Bagel and Bobbie's Dairy Dip, to name a few...). Weigh in with your answer if you're in the mood.

While we're on the subject of dining, many thanks to Goldie's Deli (and to Ooh La La boutique) for sponsoring this month's issue of the SPNA newsletter. Since Goldie's does not have a Web site, here's its capsule description from the Scene Dining Guide:

Relocated to Sylvan Park from its long-time home in Belle Meade Plaza, this pioneering Jewish-flavored restaurant evokes a Manhattan deli, albeit with a Southern drawl. The menu is pure Noo Yawk: corned beef, pastrami, salami, brisket and chopped liver on rye or challah; fish platters and Nova; latkes, blintzes, knishes and kugel; and the Jewish penicillin, chicken soup.

Category: Burgers & Deli
Location: 4501 Murphy Road (615) 292-3589
Hours: 8 am-5 pm Mon.; 8 am-8 pm Tues.-Fri.; 8 am-5 pm Sat.; 8 am-4 pm Sun.

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