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Sunday, October 29, 2006

Meat and Three Mania

I noticed that Sylvan Park Restaurant made this local blogger's list of great meat-and-three restaurants. It's safe to say that his declaration that meat-and-threes are a "Nashville Institution" borders on understatement, and that's a good thing if you ask me.

For those of you new to town and unclear on the concept, here's a good brief description. For enthusiasts recent and long-time, here's a Web site dedicated to the phenomenon and to providing local listings. Enjoy!


  1. I just saw the link over to the MEATandTHREE.com site. Thanks, Rob, for linking over to it!

    For anyone who is interested in the history of Meat and Three's, check out the blog that I created as an adjunct to the MEATandTHREE.com site. The blog is located at the following address: http://historyblog.meatandthree.com. It's a place for people to contribute their knowledge of the history of specific Meat and Three's and/or stories about particular Meat and Three' (which are, in themselves, a part of the history).

    The concept of this blog is still new and the word is still getting out, so we'd love to hear from some folks who know some history on Sylvan Park and any others, as well. Thank you in advance!

    Phil Roberson

  2. Anonymous8:41 AM

    You're quite welcome, Phil. I do enjoy meat and threes big time, and I thought your site was a great resource. Good luck and happy eating! :)