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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Skunk update

Thanks to neighbor Wendell Goodman for the following updates on skunk activity in the neighborhood. (Wendell posted these as comments to a September post about skunks, but I thought they were worth including on the main page, too.)
  • "I live [on] Park Ave. About a month ago we noticed that something was digging in our flower beds in the back yard particularly in the mulch. This week I set a live trap baited with peanuts and to my suprise I caught a skunk. Skunks commonly dig for grubs and other insects we now have found out. Nashville animal control came out and got him. They do not recommend taking them to the country and releasing them because of the fear of rabies. The skunk was apparently living under our garage - I have now found an opening. He also apparently has a partner since last night we again saw more digging in the flowerbeds. Animal Control took him my trap and I now have to go retreive it. If you decide to use one put some identification on the trap before you catch a skunk - its hard to do afterward." [Editor's note: I bet it is!]
  • "We have now trapped three skunks in our back yard. The city took the first two and a friend took the third one and released it in the country. Peanuts proved to be a very good bait. I think we are now skunk free. If anyone wants to borrow our trap they are welcome."
  • "I think that we are freeing the neighborhood of skunks. We now have caught a total of 5 in our back yard. We are releasing them in the country."
Thanks, Wendell, for taking the time to do this and to let us know. Your neighbors are grateful, even if the skunks are not. :)


  1. Thanks Rob for highlighting the skunks. I continue to have skunks coming into my back yard and digging it up. Last night (10/27)I caught number six.

  2. You're very welcome, Wendell. You are an anti-skunk force!! ;)