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Friday, November 03, 2006

Challenges of urban living

A fellow West Nashvillian witnessed some unusual activity early this morning at the White Bridge Road and I-40 Waffle House. Luckily for us, he shared details on his blog.
"I never know what to expect when I hear that... especially at 4 AM at Waffle House.

I stopped by where I work (sort of) at 4 AM this morning to pick up a large coffee and grab my paycheck out of the office. I was barely through the door when both waitresses and the cook started in with "You should have been here, you missed it!". Oh boy...

There's a Super 8 motel behind the restaurant that's popular with some of the drug dealers, prostitutes and paycheck-to-paycheck people in this part of West Nashville. Apparently some dude and his lady were back there putting powder up their noses and having a good time when the dude freaked out... The first my friends at Waffle House knew about it was when the "lady" came flying into the restaurant, in her underwear, ran back to the nathroom and hid... Hiding from...?

Hiding from the dude, who came flying through the door shortly after, wearing not a damn thing... ran around the restaurant... ran down the grill line, vaulted over the booths and ran back out the door... He hopped in a car (the lady's?) and drove off but apparently Metro Police caught up with him after a brief chase. Cici told me that the dude offered to share his stash with her if she'd just go back over to their room and get his drugs and his pants. It shook Judy up so bad she was actually up and cleaning things... trying to burn off the adrenaline rush.

I'd have stayed and gotten more details but... about that time news vans from two of the local TV stations showed up and started deploying cameras... I figured it was time to leave."
I needed this chuckle (though it's a sad story at its heart) this morning, but don't forget that living in an urban neighborhood has its challenges. This didn't happen in Sylvan Park, but it wasn't far away, either. As Doug Eckert often reminds attendees at SPNA membership meetings, report suspicious activity or criminal behavior to the police at (615) 862-8600.

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