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Monday, November 20, 2006

Crime report

Neighbor Doug Eckert gathered the following information on recent crime activity in Sylvan Park in preparation for last week's membership meeting. The neighbhorhood has a "very good" month in terms of criminal activity and "significantly less crime" than normal overall. Doug did note two unusual patterns in the neighborhood and provided additional explanation:
  • Residents have reported two aggravated assaults in the past few weeks. This is a "stunner," according to Doug, because "this is a serious crime that we rarely ever see." It appears to be in both instances, though, that the charges were unproven ones made by one person against another. According to Doug, "One instance was a couple of residents who had too much to drink, and one claimed the other assaulted him with a baseball bat. The other was a domestic dispute where the claim of aggravated assault was unproven."
  • Sylvan Park has had "more residential burglaries than we had thefts of items from cars (auto burglaries). While I’ve never seen this before in all the years I’ve been monitoring Sylvan Park crime, it was largely because we only had two auto burglaries. We had five residential burglaries, but three of those were sheds or garages that were broken into around 54th Avenue. Another was where the report was something was stolen but the reporting resident wasn’t sure when. Another was jewelry where a window was left open."
As always, please report any non-emergency criminal activity you witness or discover to (615) 862-8600.

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