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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

West Gnashvegas Swap Spot

If you are looking for bargains, you might want to check out the West Gnashvegas Swap Spot on the Web. A local blogger going by the name rade your dust-collecting, usable junk for mine." Jeffraham is interested in trading for the following items:
"CASH [who isn't?], Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, PC parts and whatnot, Consumer electronics, Certain books, DVDs, CDs, Music gear, Stuff that aides in maintaining a Chinese 150cc scooter [wow], SD/MMC cards, SmartMedia cards and Old bicycles." His advice: "Be bold -- be stupid. Ya never know. :)"

"I will always put what I think is a fair market cash price, minimum, for the items, to help you judge what you'd be willing to swap for them."
Take a look. Who knows, maybe you'll find a bargain on something you need. Or something you didn't know you had to have. :)


  1. Oh, and... small correction: The site has only be around since early November, 2006 -- despite appearances. I used Blogger to pre-date the "FAQ" postings, so as not to interfere with current goods for barter/sale.

  2. You're welcome, Jeff. You fooled me with the dates, too. :)