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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Car wash resolution one step closer to law

The Metro Council moved closer Tuesday night to adopting a resolution that would exempt car washes from a bill requiring certain kinds of businesses to receive neighborhood approval to operate. Blogger S-town Mike has more details:
One of last night's council votes that passed under the mainstream media's radar was on the resolution that would exempt car washes from a previous bill that required certain businesses to get neighborhood approval. The council voted to approve the resolution on 2nd reading after a public hearing. One proponent, a vendor, spoke in favor of the bill; three opponents, including the White Bridge President, spoke against the bill.

Some White Bridge neighborhood leaders interpreted last night's exemption bill to be a means of sneaking previously denied businesses "in the back door." Council Member John Summers charged during the debate that that was exactly what was happening in one of his neighborhoods, which had rejected a car wash proposal. According to Summers that proposal came from the friend of exemption bill co-sponsor, Charlie Tygard.

For his part, Tygard argued that the businesses that could go into these commercial properties could be worse than a car wash (he mentioned over-21 video stores and halfway houses).
The bill will require a third reading prior to becoming law. At its December meeting, SPNA voted to support the White Bridge Neighborhood Association in opposing the car wash resolution. If you would like to share your opinion in favor of or against this resolution, consider sending a message to the Metro Council.

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