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Monday, February 26, 2007

Black Lab found, needs owner or new home

Neighbor Rick Zimmerman reported the following information about a dog found over the weekend on behalf of Denice Heatherly:
Last night as my daughter was leaving work she found a dog ... It was around midnight and the dog seemed scared and desparate. Heather asked her if she wanted to get in the car and she jumped right in. She is a black lab mix - she may have a little [Weimeraner] in there - she is on the small side for those breeds. She is intelligent, well behaved, housebroken ( not kidding - she woke Heather up to let her out this morning ) calm, a bit timid around our dogs but we haven't really had time to intoduce them all properly yet. Her coat is shiny and in good condition, her nails are trimed, we don't see any signs of fleas either...

We can't keep her very long - we just moved and we are renting - we are so fortunate to have a landlord that is fine about three dogs that we cannot push it by having four... Also - if the owner for this lovely girl isn't found very soon there will be vet bills and that is not something I can't take on right now either.

This is what we need:

1. Circulate this [news] and hopefully find the owner

2. Temporary housing for her

3. If no one claims her a rescue to take her on

We will be glad to donate as much as we can toward her care. I am treating her for fleas today ( even though I don't see any on her ). This is a great dog, she doesn't act as if she has been abused - I would love to be able to keep her. I will not take her to the pound - black dogs have the lowest adoption rate and I just don't believe in rescuing a dog and taking them to a place where their time is limited. It will be Monday before I can check with Animal Contol to see if anyone is looking for her - I have to finish moving stuff out of my apartment today and give it a final clean - my lease is up today.

We really need help with this so feel free to contact me ( Denice ) @ 615-496-1417 or Heather @917-653-9658.

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous4:16 PM

    You should take her to any vet and they can scan her to see if she has a microchip. I am pretty sure Murphy Road Animal Hospital does this free of charge - it sounds like she has a caring home if her nails were clipped and she is trained so well. I wouldn't be surprised if her owner put a microchip with contact info in her.