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Monday, April 30, 2007

Barbara Lamb, dog's best friend

Sure, we know that dogs are man's best friend, but what about dogs themselves? I'm beginning to think that neighbor Barbara Lamb is dogs' best friend. Why? Well, first, she's quoted in last week's Tennessean article about the Centennial Dog Park:
Barbara Lamb, a Sylvan Park resident, said safety is usually not an issue when she and 10-month-old Labrador Husky mix, Benny, frequently visit.

"I find the Centennial Dog Park to be one of the best ones I've been to," Lamb said. "The grounds are very secure, and it's well fenced and clean. We all clean up after our dogs and keep it nice. I couldn't be happier with that facility."

The dog park is even attracting those who live outside of the county.

"I have a friend who is relocating to Nashville from Louisiana, and all she talks about is how she can't wait to get up here and use that dog park," Lamb said. "It's just the one place where dogs can run to their hearts' content."

Second, she just helped neighbor Christopher Gilder find his lost German Shepherd, Chief, this evening. Barbara found Chief and then drove around the neighborhood looking for his owner. She didn't find Christopher, but she did find someone who knew him and who pointed her in the right direction.

Thanks, Barbara, for being a great neighbor to man and canine alike! :)

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