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Monday, April 30, 2007

Two adorable pups looking for a home

Carrie and I have recently rescued five puppies, and we are looking for homes for two of them. Both puppies are 10 weeks old, up-to-date on their deworming medications and in need of their first round of shots soon. They are sweet, gentle and friendly mixed-breed puppies. Their mother is a blue heeler, and they look like they will be medium- to large-sized dogs.

We have come to call the black puppy (above) High-Five because he likes to reach out toward you with one of his paws. We've been calling the brindle puppy Fatty because she was originally the biggest puppy of the group, though she's not any more.

We'd like to find good homes for one or both puppies soon, preferably homes with enclosed back yards. The puppies are very close to being fully housebroken.

Carrie and I are able to keep two of the original five puppies, and we've found a home for another of the puppies. These two pups will be great with children, and they adore other dogs and cats. (Our two cats are gradually learning to reciprocate.) Please call us at (615) 838-1876 or send an email to rrob13[at]gmail.com if you might be interested in adopting one or both puppies. We're not asking for any money for either of them, just loving owners. (Yes, we have spoken with Love at First Sight and the Humane Association, and both have plenty of animals already.)

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