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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Councilman Summers adds overlay bill to council agenda (May 30)

As many of you may have learned today (as I have), Councilman John Summers has requested that a bill to establish a conservation overlay be added to the agenda for the Metro Council meeting scheduled for Tuesday night, June 5.

As anyone who has lived in Sylvan Park for any length of time is aware, this has been a contentious issue in our neighborhood. There are strong opinions on both sides of this issue, and I encourage anyone who is passionate about this issue to share their opinions with the Metro Council. It is an important part of the political process that the voices of neighborhood homeowners and other residents be heard.

This has not been an issue that the SPNA steering committee has discussed during the course of this year. SPNA has focused the entirety of its time and resources in 2007 on activities and initiatives that bring our neighborhood closer together and ultimately serve the greater good for Sylvan Park.


  1. David Baird10:57 PM


    Dear Honorable Neighbors:

    What is it that Summers doesn't understand about NO?


    1. The Sylvan Park Neighborhood Assoc. held a public vote and the membership voted AGAINST the Overlay.

    2. The Metro Council conducted a public vote which proved that 66% of Sylvan Park was AGAINST the Overlay. This vote confirmed the public vote done by Sylvan Park Neighbors and disproved the private vote done by Summers.

    3. 100% of the businesses in Sylvan Park were AGAINST the Overlay.

    4. The Sylvan Park Neighborhood Assoc. voted to request Summers to remove the Bill permanently from the Council. Summers refused to respond to the SPNA by not removing the Bill.

  2. Wow - talk about a little man with an ego. Too bad he could not take no for an answer. For anyone who has an opinion either way please go to the following:


    Thanks for voicing you opinion. I hope the majority responds.

    Joseph - Murphy Road