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Monday, October 29, 2007

Vandalism on Wyoming Avenue last Saturday

A neighbor on Wyoming Avenue between 43rd and 44th Avenues had her home vandalized by an "aluminum foil bomb" this past Saturday night. Here's a report from another neighbor about the incident:
From what remains of the incident, it looks to have been two (2) bombs ... one was placed in her mailbox which was destroyed, and the other was placed or thrown on her covered front porch in front of her storm door. The second bomb exploded but did little damage except to splatter its contents and cause the floor paint to bubble up. The police were indeed called and evidence was gathered...the act was classified as a "random" act.

My greatest concern is that had the second bomb been placed differently on her front porch, a fire might have resulted...after all, as the instructions state below, this bomb can make an excellent flamethrower!

Since this type of bomb is described as being slow acting, it is my opinion that the two young white males she saw standing in the middle of the intersection at 44th & Wyoming immediately after the incident came down were there simply waiting to observe the results of their handiwork ... of course, they disappeared immediately.

My petition to you ... is that you encourage an increased patrol car presence in Sylvan Park by the West Precinct Police, as well as a heightened awareness of Sylvan Park residents as to suspicous individuals and activities and how they can be more proactive in reporting these things ... Please note that this happened in THE EARLY EVENING...NOT at 3AM in the wee hours of the morning when such things would be expected to happen!
Please note that the homeowner called the police in response to the incident. This is a familiar refrain, but it is vital to let the police know when this kind of activity takes place. It does make a difference in helping MNPD keep our neighborhood safe. Call (615) 862-8600 to make a report about activity you witness.

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