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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Kitten needs a home

Neighbor Madison Gray has fostered a kitten for the past few months and is looking for a permanent home for her. If you're interested in welcoming Betty Boop to your family, send Madison an e-mail at madison.gray[at]vanderbilt.edu.
Like her namesake, Betty Boop is a bit of a dizzy dish – a feminine feline who can be quite silly. She is a lovely white/soft gray girl who specializes in pay-attention-to-me paw kneading and the occasional inquiry meow. She has an obsessive relationship with crinkle balls and is quite happy to play by herself, although she loves it when you stop to flick a crinkle ball across the room for her to chase.

Her story? BB has spent the last three months in my home as a foster kitty. Rescued off the mean streets in a traumatized state, she has come a long way from the terrified creature that spent the first two weeks behind my refrigerator. She is tentative about expanding her comfort zone; sometimes ignoring her is the kindest option. She is more comfortable being approached from a seated position (so that she can crawl into your lap!) and less comfortable being loomed over from above – although she is making steady progress, and I predict that she will continue to do so in the right home.

Eight pounds, between nine and 12 months of age, altered, completely vetted (a donation of ½ her vets costs would be welcome @ $60), good with other cats, a short-haired pretty pixie who loves to burrow under throws and blankets with you for extended naps. Looking for a gentle soul who can offer an indoor-only home.

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