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Monday, June 30, 2008

College student scam update

Another neighbor has reported similar activity to the college student scam mentioned last week.
I had a similar situation back in March. A girl came to my house ... said she (her parents) lived in Cherokee Crossing. She said her Mom was making her meet the neighbors and that she had been awarded a trip somewhere overseas but needed to raise money to offset her other expenses. There was something about books involved (I would be buying books for children or something??). Then she said that her Mom made her come and offer to wash my car or mow my lawn in exchange for helping her out. She said that her Mom would be by the next day to bring me a receipt and to make sure she was polite. The Mom never came by and I have never seen this girl again. I think the check was for $40 or so and I can’t find what it was written out to. It all seemed odd and my instinct was telling me that it wasn’t legit but I never thought much of it until reading this.
These reports sound similar enough that there may be a legitimate inspiration behind the scam. (Or it may not be a scam at all, but it sure sounds like it is.) If anyone who comes to your door sounds fishy, though, err on the cautious side, and don't fall for it.


  1. Anonymous5:39 PM

    About two weeks ago there were a bunch of guys with yellow crew neck shirts that had a logo for a scurity company - I think it was solid gold security. It looked like a bouncer's outfit.
    I caught a guy looking in my windows, and when I went to the door he asked me if I wanted to update my security system since he saw that my sign had an old date on the back of it.
    He did not have any ID, but told me his name was "Kurt" or something like that. He was carrying a metal clipboard and was talking on a cell phone, perhaps to another couple of guys similarly dressed that I saw checking out houses on Nebraska Avenue.
    If anyone can get a positive ID on any of these people (a driver's license) or can get a picture of them it might be helpful.
    I would avoid giving details about your security system to anyone who does not have identification. I would get also get solid details of their identification - an copy down the information in case it is needed at some other time.
    This guy had no business card, and no phone number to call - but he did have a cell phone.

  2. Good advice. Your experience sounds even more intrusive than most. Did you report this to the police?