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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Lawn maintenance requirements from Metro Codes

From the Metro Codes Department regarding yard maintenance:

This is the time of the year when the Health Department receives a bulk of their requests for service for violations that fall into the “vegetation” violation category. The Health department is the primary enforcement agency for requests for high grass and high weeds violations. The Property Standards division may also abate these violations if in addition to the vegetation there are other property standards code violations.

There are several types of violations in this category. The first is the height of vegetation. Grass and weeds (not ornamental grasses) should not exceed twelve inches in height. To maintain a healthy and attractive yard, only mow the top one-third of the grass. Regular cutting during the growing season will keep your yard looking great. And here’s an eco-tip, use a mulching mower. Those clippings provide free, nitrogen rich fertilizer for your lawn. If you must bag, consider composting the clippings.

The second category of violations is overgrowth. This usually occurs in flower beds and gardens that are not being maintained. Weeds or grass in these areas which exceed twelve inches would be a violation. To report a violation, call Metro Health at (615) 340-5644. There is an exception to this rule. Properties being maintained in a natural state may be allowed if the owner has filed an international design for vegetation growth plan with the Metropolitan Beautification Commission. These areas must meet a fifteen foot front setback requirement and a ten foot setback requirement from any adjacent residential property line. For more information contact Vicky Ingram with Metro Beautification at (615) 862-8418.

Owners of rental property are responsible for ensuring their rental property is maintained to this standard. If the property is found to be in violation and a notice to correct is issued, the owner is responsible for getting their tenant to make the actual correction. If the violation is not corrected, the owner will be cited to environmental court. It’s important for rental property owners to register their rental properties with Codes in order for them to receive the notice to correct the violation.

Tree limbs, dead shrubs, and other yard waste are considered “debris” and must be disposed of properly. These items neatly stacked in the yard for brush pick-up are fine, but when these items scattered all over the yard they become a violation.

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