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Monday, September 22, 2008

Crime prevention tips from MNPD

The Metro Nashville Police Department would like to remind local residents about the following steps that can reduce crime: 
  • Prevent Auto Burglaries: Park smart by removing your valuables (change, cell phone, purse, anything in your car). Something you don't think is valuable may be valuable to someone else. Always lock your car and remove your car keys, whether you are at home or somewhere else.
  • External Lighting: If you have external lights at home, especially motion lights, turn them on at night. This may convince a thief to go elsewhere. If you do leave your lights on at night, consider using compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulbs to conserve energy.
  • Close Your Blinds: When it gets dark at night, close your blinds or drapes. This will prevent potential intruders from getting a closer look inside your home. (Leaving the blinds open may make it hard for you to see outside, and it will make it easier for others to look inside your home.)
If you see drug-related activity taking place in the neighborhood, please call (615) 244-DOPE [3673]. This is totally anonymous and it records an official drug complaint. You don't have to give your name, just give the address where the drugs are happening, and any information that will help police. To report other suspicious or potentially criminal behavior that is not life threatening, please call MNPD at (615) 862-8600.

As part of ongoing investigations, MNPD's West Precinct detectives charged 26 persons late last week on the 2400 block of Batavia Street, 50th Avenue North at Charlotte Pike, 37th Avenue North at Park Avenue, 12th Avenue North at Jefferson Street, Meharry Boulevard, Wade Avenue, and Herman Street.  Seized were 245.3 grams of marijuana, 34 grams of cocaine, 35 Lortab pills, 20 Soma pills, ten Xanax pills, one morphine pill, and $130 cash.

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