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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Multiple neighborhood thefts and break-ins reported

There has been quite a bit of criminal activity reported in the neighborhood during the month of May. Here are several recent reports from neighbors:
Vehicle break-in on 4600 block of Elkins:
I just thought I would let you know that there were several cars that were broken into on Tuesday night, May the 5th. Our passenger side window was busted out, but there wasn't anything missing (CDs, etc still there) I think at least three other houses were hit as well-the officer said one neighbor had a GPS stolen. Police couldn't print because of the rain.

Vehicle break-in on 4200 block of Wyoming Avenue:
We had "ANOTHER" theft over the weekend in the alley behind our home. We think it happened sometime after 8pm Saturday (5/16) and was noticed by us on Sunday around noon. They popped the back window loose out of the truck and stole the radio equipment but not bothering to take money, tools or etc in the truck. A police report was filed.

Stolen motor boat and vehicle break-in on the 4900 block of Elkins:
Our neighbor had a motor on his boat stolen Saturday night as well and our car was broken into a week earlier.

Home break-in on the 4700 hundred block of Nevada Avenue:
I was told by a neighbor that there was a break in. They broke through a screen, reached through an open window (which was blocked from opening more than 4 inches) and took things off a dresser. This happened in the back of the house. A police report was filed.

Suspicious activity:
My husband saw someone suspicious in the alley behind our house on Wyoming. It was one night last week and it was late at night. He saw two men in a green, old model pickup truck. Another one was out side of the truck. As soon as they saw him, the one man jumped in the truck and they took off.

Garage theft:
Someone took a router saw from the garageon the 4200 block of Utah Avenue last weekend. The garage door was open, and the owners had stepped into their home for a minute or two. The theft occurred in during the day.

Suspicious activity:
This didn't involve a theft, but a couple of weekends ago both my husband and our neighbors heard someone throwing rocks at the backs of our houses during the night. We have vinyl siding, and several holes were made in the siding, indicating that perhaps a slingshot or some other device was used to project the rocks. This went on off and on over a period of several hours. We made a police report the next day.
The most recent crime report from the Metro Nashville Police Department indicates an unusually high number of vehicle break-ins in the neighborhood, including incidents on 47th Avenue, Dakota Avenue, Wyoming Avenue and Elkins Avenue (some of which are referenced above). Larcenies, thefts of property without breaking into a vehicle or a home, were reported on Park Avenue and Nevada Avenue.

Most neighbors reporting incidents took time to file police reports. This can and should be done in instances of criminal activity. Please report criminal or suspicious activity to the police at (615) 862-8600.

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