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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Neighbor captures photo of stray dogs

A neighbor submitted the above photograph of several stray dogs that were on her property earlier this month:
I am attaching a picture of the dogs that were on my front lawn most of Labor Day. There were 6 of them but this picture shows 5 of them. You might want to post this if you think others are interested in seeing whether or not these are the same dogs that attacked people on bikes. They were not aggressive toward me, but I was NOT on a bike!
Please keep in mind that there have been several reports of aggressive stray dogs and related injuries during the past several weeks. Take caution when you encounter any unfamiliar animals. Report any loose animals to Metro Animal Control at (615) 862-7928.

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous11:43 AM

    I called Animal Control on Tuesday after Labor Day. Today is Mon., Sept. 21. They just now sent a guy out to look for the dogs. I know this because I got a call from the guy who was looking for them & he said Cherokee Station was not in his map book. He was in Sylvan Park. Since no one else had called about the dogs he said he was done & to call if we saw them again. I asked him if it typically took 2 weeks after a call to come out. (Answer "no"). I think the only way to "capture" these dogs IS with a photo.