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Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Welcome Nashville Thai Massage to the Neighborhood

Sylvan Park’s newest business promises to relax you, stretch you out, help you find a moment of zen and reduce pain, while providing these benefits in a unique way. Nashville Thai Massage opened its doors at 4908B Charlotte Avenue (immediately next to the Cohen Law office) at the beginning of November, relocating from Berry Hill.

Owner Chris Heberly—who lives in Sylvan Park—said, “I have been wanting to get over to this area for quite some time, especially with all the new development that's happening and the vibe that's coming in to the Charlotte Avenue business area. I wanted to get in on the front end of that.”

Heberly describes his style of massage as “a little different from table work” for a number of reasons: clients dress in comfortable clothing; massage is performed on a mat on the floor; sessions—typically 90 or 120 minutes—consist of assisted stretching, combined with deep compression and acupressure (similar to acupuncture, but Chris applies pressure to pressure points with his fingers, toes and elbows versus needles), as well as breath work.

“Thai Massage is very different, because it's incredibly therapeutic and at the same time, very relaxing,” explained Heberly. “It can achieve multiple things at the same time. Typically, if you go to a table massage, you're either going for therapeutic work or relaxation. Thai work is very multipurpose. It achieves both those things at the same time.”
Heberly describes his practice as very individualized, “Each client that comes in has a very different need and I can address that specific need to each client.”
Heberly added, “There's no one that can't receive Thai work. Each person that comes in has their own limitations, whether it's physical, emotional, whatever, and all of those things are addressed. For instance, if someone were to come in who was inflexible, we do more compression based work and acupressure work and focused stretching.”
Check out Heberly’s web site, www.nashvillethaimassage.com for more information on Thai Massage, Chris’ background, rates and how to book a session. And of course, welcome to the neighborhood!

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