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Tuesday, December 07, 2021

 Sylvan Park Selected for Traffic Calming

Great news!  Our application for traffic calming on Nebraska, 42nd, and 44th Avenues has been accepted.  We took a lot of time gathering information on the most problematic streets in the neighborhood and putting them together into applications.  We are thrilled to have been accepted after several years of being high on Metro's list but not quite making the cut.

This is just the beginning of our work as a neighborhood.  The traffic calming program relies on community feedback and support to work.  The first phase will be meetings in which Metro traffic engineers and planners will listen to community comments and discuss options.  Eventually, these meetings will lead to a plan for improvements put together by Metro.  The next phase will be gathering support from homeowners along the affected streets.  That will entail explaining the plan and getting signatures from as many homeowners on the affected streets as possible; Metro will not move forward without 70% buy-in from homeowners.  Community involvement in both of these phases is essential if we are going to get a workable plan that has broad support in the community.  Please contact the Sylvan Park Neighborhood Association if you want to be involved (send a note to spna@sylvanpark.org with a cc to edachowski@bellsouth.net).

You can learn more about the traffic calming program and see plans for other neighborhoods at  https://www.nashville.gov/departments/transportation/plans-and-programs/traffic-calming

(Note that this is just one of our SPNA traffic calming applications.  Two other applications, one for Park-Elkins-Wyoming-Colorado east of 46th Ave and one for Park-Elkins-48th-54th further to the west, are still on file with Metro and may be approved in some future round of overview.  SPNA has also advocated for help with traffic issues on Westlawn and elsewhere in the neighborhood.)

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