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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

The case for Nashville West

The Nashville West site has a page explaining the rationale for the new development. I tend to turn a cautious eye toward development of any kind, but I do think this can be a successful shopping center. The aging (that's putting it mildly) shopping center that previously marked part of the site has been an eyesore for some time. I'm curious to see what this will mean for businesses across Annex Avenue from the development, such as Big Lots. They are in prime position for increased traffic, I would think.
It is important to understand the context of this site with regard to its centrality within the west Nashville community. The site is ideally suited to address the retail shopping needs of the residents in west Nashville - affording reasonable travel times, interstate access and arterial roadway frontage. By meeting these shopping needs closer to home, the potential exists to lessen traffic on congested arterials in areas such as Green Hills and the Highway 70 corridor in Bellevue. Effectively, over 113,000 people live today within a 5-mile service radius of the site and this quantity is projected to grow near 51,000 households by the year 2007.

Focus Points

  • Geographically speaking, the site is strategically located between the existing prominent retail districts of Green Hills, Bellevue and Cool Springs. Those patrons driving to Cool Springs means that potential sales tax revenue is being lost within Metro Davidson County.

  • A population base in excess of 113,000 live within a 5-mile radius of the site who are currently traversing to Green Hills, Bellevue or Cool Springs to shop at signature national retailers.

  • The site has proximity to Interstate 40 via the Charlotte Pike interchange. Thus, patrons accessing the site from the Interstate have the ability to enter the development at the westerly site entrance and avoid traversing the length of Charlotte Pike along the site's frontage. Internal site roadways provide connectivity throughout the length of the site capturing the cross-shopping traffic mitigating the impact on adjacent roadway systems.

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