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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Dog owners: Be responsible for your pets

From a neighbor and a responsible dog owner:
Hello. I wanted to call attention to some pet owner problems in the neighborhood. While out walking in the neighborhood this morning, I was approached by two dogs, off leash and wandering loose. They had the look of pit bull mixes. They followed me for some time. While I love dogs, I don't know their temperament and I certainly didn't want them to get hit by a car following me. I am sure there is a leash law in Nashville, and I would hate that I or some other neighbor has to call animal control. It would be very sad if someone got bit or the dogs got injured, and I don't want to see them go to the pound.

Also, a dog owner allowed his dog to poo in my yard this morning. I bring pickup bags with me when I walk the neighborhood and I always clean up after my dog. I would appreciate other pet owners doing the same. Not only is it awful to step in that, but it is bad for the environment and unsanitary.
Please be sure to take responsibility for your pets. I think many neighborhood pet owners do, but it's always good to be reminded.


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  2. Thanks, Takeyla. You're right that the idea that pets shouldn't eliminate on private property that doesn't belong to their owners is a paradigm shift for many people. Hopefully more and more people are becoming aware of the situation.

  3. Anonymous9:22 AM

    While on my walks...I've noticed the house at 4804 Dakota has a very large dog neither chained nor fenced...sometimes aggressive sometimes not.

  4. Thanks for mentioning this. Be on the look out when walking on that block, everyone.

  5. Anonymous7:49 AM

    Has anyone lost a little brown dog possibly a pomeranian mix? He has on a rabies collar but I can't get close enough to read it. He has been hanging around elkins ave bw 53 and 54th. Please call me if he is yours. 4978028

  6. Anonymous12:47 PM

    Early Am Easter Morning. I took a walk and was surprised to see the two pit bull mixed dogs digging in a front yard under a tree. They immediately ran over to me when they saw me and followed me. Needless to say I was scared!! I have two dogs (one which is a pit bull mix)so I'm no afraid of dogs but this time I felt helpless. I wasn't with my dogs at the time and am not sure what they would do if you have a dog on a leash. Does anyone know who we can call to stop this problem, short of the dog pound?

  7. I think calling Metro Animal Care and Control is your best bet. Their phone number is (615) 862-7928.