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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Theft from motor vehicle reported on 46th Avenue

The Metro Nashville Police Department is reporting that a theft from a motor vehicle occurred on the 200 block of 46th Avenue North on March 25. A GPS unit and other personal items were taken.

Please report criminal or suspicious activity to the police at (615) 862-8600. Reporting this activity helps the police department determine appropriate staffing and assignments for our neighborhood.


  1. Anonymous11:37 AM

    FYI: I reported another theft from a motor vehicle to the Metro police. This past Saturday, April 3rd at 2pm, my cell phone and camera were stolen from my car on the 200 block of 46th Ave. It was a sunny day with plenty of neighbors outside. But, I carried something to my backyard, and within that short amount of time away from my car, my phone and camera were stolen. I had seen a young adult/teenager loitering on the corner of 46th and Wyoming Ave and when I returned he was gone. Let this serve as warning to all neighbors- do not leave valuables in your car and lock your car up even when carrying groceries inside, etc. It takes only a minute!

  2. Anonymous3:28 PM

    Can anyone tell me who I should get in contact with to donate to the "Take the Adult billboard down" fund and replace it with something suitable? Thanks and here we are mentioned on MSNBC...

  3. Thanks for sharing this information. I'm sorry to hear that your property was stolen, but I'm glad you reported it to the police! Your advice to neighbors is very wise.

    Regarding the campaign to replace the Ava's bookstore billboard, please email spna@sylvanpark.org, and I'll be happy to share contact information with you.